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​Award-Winning Author Jarrod L. Edge

LisaJarrod.jpgJarrod L. Edge was born in North Carolina, not too far from Cascade, Virginia, where he spent many summers with his close relatives.  He grew up in Clinton, Maryland where he and his brother, James, lived with their parents, Carrie and Thomas.  Jarrod currently resides in Florida.

Jarrod joined the United States Navy after high school and served onboard the USS Forrestal as part of Light Attack Squadron Thirty Seven, the VA 37 Bulls.  During his time in the military, Jarrod was blessed to travel around the world and visit countries such as Spain, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. 

He was also known as a very talented drummer as well as a music producer.  He has performed around the world.  His name can also be found on many recording artists' works.  Today you can hear his original music on all of the trailers for his books.

As the world of information technology started to take off, Jarrod decided to take off with it.  As a Microsoft Certified Developer, he traveled the world contracting and teaching programming to businesses around the globe.  Once again he was blessed to travel across the United States and to countries such as Guam and Japan, as well as various islands in the Caribbean.

In 2005, God introduced Jarrod to his wife, Lisa via eHarmony.  She was in Wishek, ND and he was in Jacksonville, FL.  They married shortly after and have been happily so ever since.  Their four children, Kari, Taevon, Edward, and Isabella are, in his own words, "absolutely awesome."

Throughout his travels and his experiences, good times and bad, Jarrod has always held to one thing, EdgeFamily.jpg his love of the Lord.  He believes that God is his source and that Jesus died on the cross for him and for you.  When asked about the inspired book series, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth™, Jarrod had the following to say:

"I was blessed to be the vessel that God poured this series of books into and I am so thankful that He chose me to share this beautiful vision with.  It's like watching a movie unfold in my head.  I hope that this book, and the books that follow become a blessing and a soul altering experience to you, your family, and your friends.  Be blessed and may all the glory be to God."


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