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What happens when a group of children, armed with a new form of martial arts, stumble upon a human trafficking ring while trying to solve a mystery?  Find out in the award winning short story The Art of Eten Chu!

Winner of the 2016 New Apple eBook Award

Age of Elizabeth: 7

One of the first in the Acts of the Dragons series to be released, The Art of Eten Chu gives us a look into the lives of the young Dragons Sette.  While learning an eclectic form of martial arts called the Art of Eten Chu, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Matthew, and Jacob have a run-in with a Syndicate operative named Niro and his partner Sandman who are first introduced in The Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2.  The Dragons also go up against a gang named the EPOLICS.

Co-Authored by Jarrod's daughter, Isabella Edge (9 years old), this Acts of the Dragons story takes place during the Sette's stay in New York City during the timeframe of the Battle Between Light and Dark, Book 2.  These scenes take place shortly after the abduction of Prince Alexander.  It is full of laughs, action, mystery and a few surprises as well.

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