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When a Christian family, trained in an ancient form of martial arts is destined to save the Earth, not even demons, aliens, an evil corporation, or the laws of physics will stand in there way!  Enjoy Book 2 of this action filled sci-fi fantasy adventure from award-winning author Jarrod L. Edge.

Elizabeth Age 7 - 14

"On the day I was born, my mother was killed and my
 father was severely injured.  It wasn't an accident.  My death was ordered by an organization called the Syndicate.  Throughout their history they've used many other names.  Some you may know, like the Illuminati for starters, and others you may not have heard of.  But regardless of their name, they were evil in every sense of the word.  The Syndicate was working on behalf of a demonic alien named the Destroyer, the son of Satan.  The Destroyer wants to conquer the Earth and destroy or enslave its people.  He hopes to force the coming of Christ so that souls will be lost.

To protect my life, a group of monks took me to their temple.  They protected me, taught me, and guided me for seven years, until it was my time to protect the world and reunite with my family, my father, Special Agent Johnathan Sette and my sister and two brothers.

All of this was foretold in a prophecy written by the Apostle John before he died.  The scribe who wrote down the Apostle's words called it, The Prophecy of the Seventh Elizabeth.

My name is Elizabeth Sette and I am the Chosen One.  Chosen by God to stand for all mankind."

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