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​Places from the E7Prophecy Universe

Where was the E7Prophecy written?

​Jacksonville, FL / St. Augustine, FL ​50%
​Des Moines, IA ​35% and climbing
​Orlando, FL (Bonnet Creek Resort): ​35,000 words
​A beautiful cabin near Pittsburgh, PA (Thanks John and Sue) ​25,000 words (and hopefully many more to come)
​Above 10000 feet in the air ​20,000 + words
​Written between 10pm and 4am ​35%


Links to places and things that appear in E7Prophecy Universe Books

Jacksonville, FL
The Vatican
Chester, Cheshire England
Palma, Spain
New York City
Badlands National Park
Republic of Georgia

Voyager 1 & 2
Jodrell Bank Observatory

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